What is the number one thing you look for in a new job?

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When it comes to shopping for a new job, or answering a recruiter's LinkedIn message, what are the things you need to have on the job offer to make you turn your head?
Is it a big salary? Is it flexibility? Ability to work remotely? Perhaps perks such as free food or the like?

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Number one for me, is having smart colleagues to learn from. I am happy to say, that I am probably the dumbest person on my team. Not that I'm bad, but that my colleagues are so good.

Always surprised of the knowledge bombs that get dropped.

I am also growing rather attached to the free snacks and drinks in my office. So that is a benefit I wasn't expecting 😄


I'm going to borrow from Omar Gaston Chalas' formatting since it works well.

Must have:

Remote Work.
Flexible Hours -- Sometimes I work at night.
A team that communicates well.
Worklife balance.
Automated deployment.

Should have:

Relatively Flat Structure - my and other dev's opinions should matter.
Great salary and benefits.
Technically Challenging Project.

Nice to have:



Thanks for sharing Alan! What does worklife-balance means to you? Something like unlimited vacation time? Or is it something else such as ability to take a day off if your kids need to visit the doctor?

It means that the company promotes an environment where people don't feel guilty for taking a day off, going to a doctor's appointment, or doing whatever else they may need for their well being. This goes hand-in-hand with the company prioritizing the health and wellness of its employees( within reason).


As a junior to kid level developer:

  1. Processes and procedures that increase the opportunity to grow my skills (pair programming, regular code review, opportunity to sit in on business meetings)
  2. Collaborative coworkers
  3. Perks: wfh flexibility when needed and learning budget

Must to have:

  • Work Remotely
  • Inclusive and friendly Culture

Should to have:

  • Interesting Product
  • Good Salary

Nice to have:

  • Modern Technology
  • Flexibility
  • Investment on the team

Kinda weird, but that's my expectation :D


A valuable purpose is the most important and a good and open minded team to work with.

Everything else doesn't really matter. When the salary question is on the desk, it's always interesting to ask the question: What is my capability worth for your organization?
After that response you will get a deep insight into the companies people culture. The salary offer will be secondarily.


No homework, short commute, great benefits and a healthy environment :D


The tech content, then the salary and environment (how many devs, is it a formal place with strict dress code...)


« We are okay to hire junior profiles and train them in-house »


I've been valuing flexibility more and more every year, even when money is sacrificed because of it.


Good office culture with big salary enjoying free foods/services with the flexibility


At this point in my career: remote work and something interesting to work on. As long as I'm not making less money salary doesn't matter all that much



  • Good salary
  • Nice people

Nice to have:

  • Possibility to work with open-source
  • Remote work
  • Tech stack that I like
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