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My Goals For The HNGi8 x I4G internship

Hooray!! The much revered HNG internship has begun for the year.
I'm particularly excited about this year's edition because I feel better prepared to go all the way to the final stage in the backend track.
The program is hosted by The Zuri Team.

As our first task we have been asked to publicly state our goals/objectives for the internship. For this internship I have three main objectives.


This internship usually consists of people from diverse cultures and communities all around the world and so I'm excited about connecting with as many people as I can.


I plan to gain real world experience by applying all the knowledge I have gathered for over a year of coding to the tasks and challenges we will be asked to work on. This is the most important goal for me as it also helps me build projects with a team and also share knowledge.


I don't think it makes sense to start something and give up halfway through, for this year's edition (unlike last year) I plan to make it to the final selection in the backend track. I left early last year cause I got frustrated with the program's organization I hope this year will be different.

So that's all for now, wish me luck I need it.

Here are some helpful links to tutorials if you're just getting started with web development.

Figma Tutorial by Traversy Media

Git Tutorial by Traversy Media

HTML Tutorial by Traversy Media

JavaScript Tutorial by Traversy Media

Make sure you continue to explore his channel as he has a lot of quality content.

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