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GitHub promotions for students

For those who were not aware of GitHub special offers for education, I think this is the time to get more things done and gain experience without spending a dime.

Well, the idea is very simple, for education purpose and for the economic hurdles that students face, it can be very hard sometimes for them to afford tools they need to gain experience with real-world developer tools, so for that GitHub is offering a promotion called "GitHub Student Developer Pack" which includes unlimited private repositories for free (normally $7/month) while you are a student and many more from their partners.

alt text

How does it work?

All you need is a GitHub account and a verifiable school-issued email address.
To apply for this pack click here.

Some of the most interesting offers from this pack:

  • $75-$150 in credit to use on AWS services. alt text
  • $50 in platform credit for new users on Digital Ocean. alt text
  • Waived transaction fees on first $1000 in revenue processed on Stripe. alt text

Hope this gonna help you to kick off your next project!

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