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Are you passionate to learn more?

delta456 profile image Swastik Baranwal Updated on ・1 min read

Do you guys have passion to learn new things in your free time? Nowadays, people get into IT for money and aren't keen to learn more stuff hence suffer. It's the scenario of here. Is this the same case for you guys as well?


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I do have a passion to learn about tech that interests me in my free time. But it's a challenge sometimes to balance that with my other non-tech interests.
I think it's easier to learn if you're doing it out of interest more than for your job.


Yeah, I'm in college and you can totally tell the difference between people who study CS for the money and people who study tech because they love it. Not that being in tech for the money is a bad thing, there just seems to be a difference in interest.


I am looking to get into the field someday having come from an entirely different professional background I find being a developer fascinating on a personal and academic level. I absolutely love learning everything I am at the moment and am very happy that the depth of what i can learn will only increase in time! I am trying to get into the industry for good career prospects but also because I have found a passion for something I never knew I had!


I always enjoy learning new things about coding in my free time, actually since I discoverd Dev.to, it has become my new Facebook, I love coming here and, most of the time, learning something new!


I’m less prone to be typing on weekends, due to my tendinitis I’ve been healing up, but learning new things is the reason I get up in the morning. I’d rather avoid my day job topics (swift and iOS), unless I’m writing an app for fun, but I’m planning on learning gamemaker for kicks. Back when I started my career 6 years ago, I knew nothing about how to write code, and had no choice but to cram in the evenings and weekends. It was pretty stressful to try to learn something in a single night. That has changed. I’m not a fantastic engineer, but if there’s something I may find joy in that has to do with tech, I won’t mind taking a look on a lazy Sunday. Lately I’ve tried to branch out more and get into exercising more and meditation, and that has actually given me more energy to keep growing as an engineer.


Of course! I don't know how I would survive in that industry without that thirst for knowledge and love of learning! Isn't it at the core of our work?
What I love the most? learning something new from an article on dev.to and using it right away to resolve a problem that I was struggling with. What a feeling! Even after work, I read and learn about everything and anything. My flat is full of books on every subjects I had an interest on. I'm looking for a bigger one :p


Nowadays people get into IT for money and none of them are really interested. Just learn what stuff is taught in college or Udemy that's all.


That's sad really. of course money is important and I can really understand why they would do that. But they will find it hard to really go somewhere from there. We are always evolving and learning. Being stagnant is becoming obsolete, and replaced quickly. Well apart from some really specific domains, like old but still necessary technologies (like Cobol in banking) but those fields have less jobs. For me, I would be just bored :) and I HATE feeling bored!
Then again, maybe they will want to leave coding quickly to become Project Manager and then manage devs. Yeah it seems like many managers I've come to know, and work with. It was not fun!


Most of the devs I know, are always learning something new. Personally, I'm trying to be everyday more autodidact :) I'm a constant learner!


I enjoy learning because in this tech filed things always evolves everyday


It depends. Learn how to make the web app works on IE9 is not my passion.