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Dendi Handian
Dendi Handian

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Adding PhpMyAdmin to Laragon

PhpMyAdmin is still your favorite MySQL database admin tool, right? RIGHT? Say no more, let's add it to Laragon.

Download The Latest PhpMyAdmin

Download it from, extract the archive to the C:\laragon\etc\apps (if you use the default laragon installation directory) and name the folder as phpMyAdmin

Image description

And restart the laragon's apache server to take effect and make sure the MySQL server is started.

Access the PhpMyAdmin

Now when you click the Database button in laragon,

Image description

It will open the browser and direct you the phpmyadmin login page.

Image description

Tell me if this article is so helpful and helped you fix your problem in the comment below.

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Ripan Fauzi

Thanks, my problem solved

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