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I find Wordpress and Drupal so stressful to code. I can't really stand for its post and postmeta tables self-reference. It also doesnt have routing control and the hooks cycle will confuse anyone. Imagine if they teached at colleges, the student might be quit.


I think that to a certain extent the whole meta tables thing that Wordpress does is now potentially problematic.

At the time Wordpress first came about, it made sense, because it was the only way you could easily store arbitrary keys and values about an object.

Now, however, most relational databases support some sort of JSON field which allows for storing and querying that sort of data. However it's difficult to imagine how Wordpress could adopt that without disrupting existing sites.


I love how you think Wordpress/Drupal is.

Plus, any structural change made in Wordpress/Drupal mostly stored in database, and it will be hard to track when someone else new to the project.

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