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Solving missing System Entities in Actions Builder: Community Types!

denisvalasek profile image Denis Valášek Originally published at blog.valasek.dev ・1 min read

If you have tried the new tool for building Actions on Google, the Actions Builder, you may have noticed a few things missing (feature comparison of Dialogflow/Actions Builder). One of them being a large collection of System Entities - predefined data sets that enable you to extract specific data from user queries.

With Actions Builder, you have the following Types (entities) available:
Actions on Google

For comparison, Dialogflow contains 30+ system entities in different languages.

But one of the cool features of Actions Builder is the ability to relatively quickly import new Types/Intents using gactions CLI.

So I decided to use that to create open collection of types, created by the community, for the community! You will find the list of types along with instructions on how to include them in your new Action.

Contributions are highly appreciated!

Find Actions Builder Community Types on Github!

Enjoy #AoGDevs!

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