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Actions Builder vs. Dialogflow: Feature availability

denisvalasek profile image Denis Valášek Originally published at blog.valasek.dev ・1 min read

Google had recently released new tool for building new Actions - Actions Builder. It replaces Dialogflow and is a default tool to create new Actions from now on, it also comes with a new SDK library.

I recommend you try it out with new Actions on Google Codelabs!

However, since it was released only a few weeks ago, many features we are used to from Dialogflow are missing. This could be a breakpoint for you if you are deciding what to use for your next Action.

I created comparison spreadsheet with a list of features and their availability. It will be updated when the feature availability changes or when there are new features for each platform.

If the feature is marked as unavailable, that doesn't mean it will stay that way. Actions Builder is still in active development and the table reflects the current state. It should help you to decide if you are starting a new project today, but features could change when you create the next one, so I recommend bookmarking the spreadsheet for future use :)

Actions on Google platform comparison spreadsheet

Thanks @afirstenberg for helping me with this!
Enjoy #AoGDevs!

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Can you set up a chatbot interface to something you write with the new Actions SDK?


Hi Adam, unfortunately, no, Actions Builder does not have the necessary APIs to do that. You will have to stay with Dialogflow for now if you want to be multiplatform.


Is there any indication from Google that this is something they're interested in adding, or something they're certainly not going to add?

I have no official information, if you need it for a project within next 3-6 months, stick with Dialogflow. It would be nice if they added this, yet I don't think it will be anytime soon.