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Denis Valášek
Denis Valášek

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Actions on Google VS Code Extension

You know it, you got a new idea, so you hurry up to get that idea to life, but now you have to do all that boring (or interesting :)) stuff again. Create a new project, install node_modules, remember what was the basic project structure and then finally start writing the code. Which, some of the time, can be repetitive too.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with most of the work I talked about, but I hope to help you with some of it :) I got tired of writing the same stuff over and over, so I have looked into the VS Code snippets. Since I wanted to ease my Actions on Google development, I looked if some snippets are available in VS Code Marketplace. To my surprise, there weren’t any! So I decided to create them myself and share with the community!

A faster way to start a new project

Table of current snippets is below and more are coming soon. If you already know what’s missing or what you want to be added, feel free to let me know or send apull request on Github :) Currently supporting JavaScript and TypeScript.

You can find it here or search for the Actions on Google snippets in VS Marketplace! Happy coding!

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