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Why do you abandon your personal projects?

denisveleaev profile image Denis Veleaev ・1 min read

Hi. 👋
I'm Denis. I'm going to give a talk at my company and I need your help with my small investigation.

So, why do you abandon your personal projects?

Thanks a lot for your answers in advance!

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Loouis Low

Some roadblocks...

  1. Incredibly hard to solved the fancy idea or do not have an elegant way to solve it.
  2. Other project has taken my idea with a better solution.
  3. Motivation ran out of juices or depleted.
  4. Still looking for better technology available for the idea.
  5. Some project needs to access expensive resources before starting.
  6. No time or chance to get around it because of workplace consuming too much of personal time.
denisveleaev profile image
Denis Veleaev Author

That's a great answer! Thanks!

loouislow profile image
Loouis Low

Happy to contribute.

codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald

Usually, just plain old lack of time. Because I never really know how much time I'll have, I usually include in personal projects, which I talk about here:

eric23 profile image

Moved on to the next super awesome idea! 😁

afsalrahim profile image
Afsal Rahim

I can totally relate to this! :D

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

Same here!

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Waylon Walker

Generally because I no longer have a good use case. I may have found a better solution, or completely just dont have the same problems any more.

I tend to create tons of quick prototypes that never see the light of day, but the ones that come out of that tend to stick for quite awhile.

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Ben Halpern

Sometimes I paint myself into a corner and then get frustrated and rage quit

metecan profile image

When I was working on my personal project, I am getting bored so fast. I am always thinking about the big problems I will see, And when I thought it the project seems like an unsolvable monster to me. :D

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Shannon Crabill

This is a great discussion topic.

Usually, it's due to time. I'll have every intention to getting back to it, or updating it, but I work full time and have limited free time. What time I do have, I prioritize and coding it's on the list at times.

Sometimes, my goals as far as personal projects, etc shift. It's not my showiest project, but I did revisit my during October as opposed to my other projects because it was relevant and I wanted to work on something fun and low-maintenance.

merri profile image
Vesa Piittinen

A bit over ten years ago I abandoned all my...

Visual Basic 6


I guess I wouldn't need to explain any further, but sometimes it is good to let tech go.

joelbonetr profile image

Lack of time

suvink profile image
Suvin Nimnaka

Most of the time lack of time to allocate :(

alenpaul2001 profile image

Got an idea for new project so lost interest in old project.