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#100DaysOfCode : My journey

Just few day back, I was all about scrolling twitter feeds and looking up at activity. There I came to know about #100daysofcode and got quick attracted to it.


Throughout my journey, I came across lots of courses, meetups and knowledge guides.
I have started by learning Javascript, React, Redux and Express js courses to get more used to react⚛. I have started learning and exploring AWS services, well we need a cloud☁️. All the journey continued to python🐍 exploring up python libraries - pandas, numpy, matplotlib, re and seaborn. for strengthening scripting skills. Oh I just forgot to mention MongoDB🌱

References / Resources


I already knew Javascript, so I was looking for revision. But still there is lot more, I don't know yet.(it's alien thing 😉).

I have used for revision, I found it more understandable.

React, Redux and express js

I have worked on react earlier but didn't had enough confidence on it. So I felt it better to start from scratch.

I have used official site of react and Express Js.


It was a quiet new for me. So I just choose to learn from youtube.

I have followed MongoDB for beginners


I already have worked with Dynamodb and EC2 earlier, and in future no matter which technology stack I choose AWS is going to be stay. For AWS, I wanted more practical knowledge then theoretical so their own digital classroom was the best option.

Other than that I have taken up coursera course -
AWS Going Cloud Naive and AWS - fundamentals addressing security risk.


I have earlier learned python 2.7 years back but didn't used python 3.6. So thought to deep dive into it. I have used various sources to learn such as data camp, hackerrank, analytics vidhya and coursera.

Challenges / Problems

It is not possible for human to work continuously without taking rest.
There was some days were I have to deal with some other emergency and couldn't focus on challenge. Well in such case it's better to take a leave rather than forcing.
Sometimes I have felt mentally tired and let's take a break not a big deal. But the thing is even a single day matter's a lot. Just take short break from daily routine. Instead of learning something new, revise something you already learned or play some fun coding game.

Take away

  • I have become consistent and discipline learner.
  • I have learned about dev community on Twitter who will help you when you need.
  • I have built somewhat confidence on technology I have learned throughout my journey.
  • It has built enough motivation within me.

How you can join.

You need to publicly commit to 100 days of code challenge on Twitter and daily you need to share update using #100DaysOfCode tag.

You can follow official site for more details.

Good luck and happy coding!

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That's good amount of learning from 100days!

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Ravina Deogadkar