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Nevertheless, Ravina Deogadkar Coded (Up's and Down's)

I am a Software Developer working across different technology stack, a self-taught coder and a beginner blogger.

Altogether till now lots of things has changed.

  • I joined a startup as intern and then continued as a full time developer.
  • I have left job with not such offer in hand.
  • I have lost offer in hand (due to long notice period)
  • I was unemployed for brief interval.
  • I have upgraded my skill.
  • I took on a challenging role.

One thing I have learned is life will not be always chocolate cake. There will be a time you will lose everything and there will be a time when life will pay back to you. With all this big decision, I am proud for standing still and letting myself to comeback with a bang.

My advice for allies is to stay strong, have hope and keep on improving yourself.

If you want to see yourself at a position then you have to work on it.

Happy Coding!

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