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Add License Action

I looked around github and some projects did not have a License. I guess they were too busy to add one. Open Source is not Open Source without a License.

This is a GitHub Action that automatically add a specified type of Open Source License to a repository that does not have a license with the Author's name and year for the license.

My Workflow

The name of the Github Action is Add License Action. Can be found here. It can be used in any github repo, specifically the ones created locally and pushed without a license.

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Link to Code

GitHub logo dephraiim / license-action

A Github Action to Check and Create Open Source License in a Repo.

Additional Info.

How it works.

The licenses are already written in text files,with variables for Author, Project Name and Year. When the License Type is specified, It creates a copy of the license and replaces it with the available data and commits it.

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Swastik Baranwal

Wow nice work

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Ephraim Atta-Duncan