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How to get google client ID and client Secret

These are the easy steps in creating your own google client ID and google Secret.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on new project. New Project
  3. Add project name and click on create. Project name
  4. Make sure the project you are on is the newly created one.
    Newly Created

  5. Click on the hamburger icon, navigate to api services and choose credentials.
    Then click on create credentials and click on oauth client ID.
    client id

  6. Before you can create client ID, you need to configure consent screen.
    consent screen
    click on configure consent screen.

  7. Click on external and create.

  8. Type in the application name. You can fill out the form if you like, it is not required. Make sure the application name does not have the word 'google' in it.
    App name

  9. Go back to the dashboard and click on enable Apis and services.
    For google, it is google plus api.
    Google plus
    click on enable.

  10. Go back to credentials, click on create credentials then navigate to oauth client ID.

  11. Click on web application. if you are using localhost, follow the image instruction below for authorized javascript origin and redirect uri. then click on create.
    web app

  12. Your oauth client ID and client Secret is successfully created.
    id and secret

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