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Internal Project Contribution

In this Release 0.3, there are 3 different requirements. And the second one is about Internal Project Contribution. For this internal project contribution, I selected a repository that from IPC144. And the issue that I selected was about Audit a MD file. This MD file is about the knowledge that we learn in IPC144. And the topic I selected was Two-Dimensional-Arrays. The reason I picked this topics was I thought this is an interesting topic and I wanted to review the two-dimensional-arrays content.


Here is a checklist I created to this issue:
What I did was just follow the checklist. The first time that I read through the file, I think that it looks good! But that doesn't right! Since there is an issue, it has to have some things to improve. So, I just read the MD file again and I found some problems.

Firstly, I found that the sentences that in each paragraph was break by two spaces, which is not a normal way we do in our daily life. Secondly, I found that the image that the MD file using is missing a alt text. Thirdly, I found that the code examples in the MD file are indented too much. Last but not least, I found that there are a few <br /> inside the MD file. And I can't find any of of these problems above at the first time.

Since there were many problems I listed out after the second time of reading. I began to make improvements.
After solved the problems that I found at the second time of reading. I told myself, "Perhaps there are more improvement you can make after your third - forth times of reading."

Thus, I read the MD again after I fixed those problems. However, I only found two more issues after my forth times of reading. The first one was the MD file is lack of highlighting words. This is a reading for those students in IPC144, they are new to C language. And I believe that with some highlighting words, this documentation will be easier for them to read and learn! The second one was the code example in the documentation again. I found that I can make some improvement to the for loop code with {} so that they look better.
After these two improvements I made, I decided to make the Pull Request. I would like to ask help from other contributors. As long as I make the PR, they would have a chance to review my PR and they might come up with some better ideas to audit the MD file!

Surprisingly, I got 3 more suggestions from other contributors!
: A solution to make the imagine looks nicer in dark mode!
: Edit the alt text and Update the Frontmatter!
:Add admonition!

The suggestions above are really good improvements for the MD file that I worked at. Therefore, I accepted the suggestions and update the MD file based on their ideas.

Finally, I combined all the improvements I made and all the suggestions from other friendly contributors together to make the final PR.

Fortunately, the owner of the repository accepted my PR and merged it to the main repository in a short time!

My Feelings

This is an interesting contribution. I'm really happy that I can help to improve the documentation in the repository that belongs to my College. Also, I realized that making contributions with other people is a very good way. Because other people would see what you've missed at the first time. And sometimes that could be a small issue, but sometimes that could be a huge issue.
And no matter what, having someone else to help contributing on Github is always a good thing!

Link to the origin Repo I worked:[ IPC144 ]

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