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Third Hacktoberfest Contribution

After accomplished the first 2 Issues I found on Github. I tried to find some issues that are more interesting. The third issue I found for the Release 0.2 was a Java program. It's about creating a website that contains a SUDOKU game.


For this program, the issue that I interested in was helping the repository owner to add a Github logo on the webpage footer. And it should link to the github repository.[Issue #9]
Issue description

My Solution

After go through the code of this program. I assumed that this program will reuse its footer for many and many times. Therefore, I could just update the code inside the footer they provided to solve this problem.
The file that I updated was footer.jsp. And the code I added was

            <a href="">
            <img src="" alt="logo" height="30">
                Github</a> |
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After I added these few lines of code, every webpages that the program have will have a Github logo on the footer like this :

My Feelings

This is an interesting program for me. I like to play Sudoku in my free time. I felt excited to make contribution to a program that I like. Also, this is the first time that I help fix an issue of a Java program. It gains me experience of working in a Java program on Github!

Link to the Repo I worked on: [SudokuBase]

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