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Pick a commit from another branch to the current branch (cherry-pick)

When to use cherry-pick

  • Always try to not to use cherry-pick because it can make a duplicate commit.
  • If you have already committed something on another branch, you can pick it and merge it with your working branch. Example: you may need a hotfix commit from another branch.
  • Restoring lost comments. Sometimes a pull request might get closed without merging. But you can see those commit in the git log. So you can cherry-pick them

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1. Get the hash of the required commit

Checkout to the branch that has the required commit. Then get git hash of that commit by using CLI or Github site

git log --oneline 
git reflog

or you can view your git as a graph

git log --graph --oneline --all

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2. Cherry-pick the commit

Checkout to the brach that you want to add the commit. Enter the following command.
git cherry-pick commit-id. example:

git cherry-pick c67a4b7

if you want to add only the content without commit. You can add --no-commit

git cherry-pick c67a4b7 --no-commit

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David Möller

If you cherry pick with the --no-commit flag, does that mean you take credit for those lines of code when you create your commit?