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Learning the Trade

I thought I would throw together a list of resources I have found interesting and useful when it comes to building the internet. This is by no means exhaustive and will be updated over time as I find new things that are interesting. Broken into sections below.


A Responsive Web Design Podcast This is one of my current favorites. It covers the concerns of responsive design and coding in a solid way. A must for designers.

The Haskellcast is awesome if you are interested in functional programming in general and Haskell in particular.

ShopTalk is a recent addition to my podcast list. Fun look into the trade. Sometimes feels a little dated in its information but lots of fun.

Frontside is mostly Ember focused but they have some really great human interest/process pieces that make it worth a listen.


Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte. The article that started it all.

The Two Pillars of JavaScript part 1 by Eric Elliot

The Two Pillars of JavaScript - pt 2 Functional Programming by Eric Elliot

JavaScript Modules the ES6 Way by Jack Franklin

The Web’s Grain by Frank Chimero. Anything by Frank is really excellent.

What Screens Want by Frank Chimero

Scale and Performance of a Large JavaScript Application by The Netflix UI team. Basically all the videos they put out are worth watching.

The Better Parts by Douglas Crockford

Crockford on JavaScript is a playlist of the talks Crockford gave on JS for YUI


JavaScript the Good Parts. Say what you will about Crockford this is still the foundational work for javascript development.

Eloquent Javascript has some great sections in it. Particularly as a primer on functional programming in js.

Web Form Design is the best book on forms that has been written. A must read.

The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero. Originally kickstarted into existence this book is a fantastic look at design.

Other Stuff:

frontend tv a really great project by a friend of mine Trevor Miller. Covers all sorts of great topics in bite size videos. is a cool tool for learning languages that I’ve been playing with lately. Like it a lot.

Exercises is similar to exercism in scope but focused on js only.

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