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Discussion on: How do you take breaks throughout the day?

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Dmitry Yakimenko • Edited

Here's a tip: have some kids. I have two and breaks happen naturally, probably more often than I'd like.

But on a serious note, invent a routine where you need to go somewhere. Run some errands. For small breaks I prefer to go to the kitchen to make a tea. It takes about 10 minutes, so it's a good mini break. For a long break I do something around the house or go outside to get groceries, fix the bike or whatever.

I used to think it's really bad to break up the work day. Now I think the opposite. It's much better for me to work in two or three intervals throughout the day. I feel more productive to break up the computer stare time.

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Wow this totally clicked with me. I just need to change my mindset of kids being a 'distraction' to kids being a 'break'. I'm gonna try to think about it that way! :)