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Justin L Beall
Justin L Beall

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Job Search - Day 2 of 42

Started the day with an item in my LinkedIn inbox
Nate Volenik a recruiter with a saved name in my phone (not many)
A great to start the day - friendly professional next steps conversation
Recruiter Nate Volenik

Temporal Service

When my wife wanted and were able to buy a house
Finally, approved - ready to buy - now
We contacted agents, and many of them really wanted to help us out
after the holidays...?
Our realtor showed us fifteen homes over the weeks circling Christmas
She arranged a single day re-tour of our top rated houses
She genuinely helped us make an exciting life changing
We would refer her to anyone looking to buy a home in our area

Time is relative to perception
After being let go, it passes quickly

The time or day does not matter to friends
Reach out whenever the thought to help comes

I don't half step this stuff - Nate
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Proactive Job Search Steps

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Justin L Beall • Edited

It's about consistency and the ability to demonstrate potential value
I have years of software development, habits to hone my craft, and ambition
I have done a bit of journalling each day

One interview lined up Monday, only let go Thursday
Talked to several other recruiters

In addition to job hunting, committed to code a few hours each day

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John 'BBQ' Wollner • Edited

Great stuff! One thing I know from being beached 6 times in my career - when you lose your job, your next job is finding your next job. You have to work the search with the same level or greater than what you gave to your previous employer. You also need to be actively developing no matter how trivial. Any muscle not exercised will atrophy. You need to maintain your mental muscle so that when you get that make or break interview you aren't stumbling for answers.

P. S. Not sure what your stack is but we have an open slot for a Sr dotnet dev in Cincinnati. Hmu

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Justin L Beall • Edited

My brother lived in Cincinnati, but am bound to Cleveland
I appreciate the offer
I have a few ideas I will be working on
Plus conferences lined up to attend, volunteer, and speak through end of May!

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Dan Schaefer

job || 42
Clever! I like it.