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Placements & Interviews 😲 [resources & tips]

Hello guys! This is my first blog ever. And it is be going to about interview preparation as this is the most [probably only] talked topic among undergrads right now. So please have a look and do comment your suggestions.

Coming to the main part, myself being an undergrad, I have looked and studied all over the internet about dos and don'ts for the upcoming season. With all the knowledge I have gained I will briefly list out main points and provide you guys with some good resources to go deeper if you want.

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Dos and don'ts -

First of all get yourself to interview round

  1. Make one good resume [CVs not necessary for undergrads] and tailor it according to the job/position you are applying for. Remember tailoring is important.
  2. Resume must have contact details, brief summary, most recent education, project, skills, work experience[if] contained in a single page.

What to include and what not to in resume
Free resume builder

For/during interview round

  1. Thoroughly go through the job requirements, expectations, skillset, company background - this will help in tailoring your answers during the interview.
  2. Prepare basics specific to the job and have a good understanding of the skills you mentioned in your resume.
  3. Get an idea of the selection procedure of the company you have applied to.
  4. Prepare answers to common questions beforehand.
  5. Most imp - Be confident and honest during the interview!

Interview formats and details
Common Interview questions

Post interview

  1. Do not think about if your interview was bad or good or how you will stand with others, let this headache be on the interviewer's side.
  2. Do check your mails regularly.
  3. If selected, say yes to the offer only after understanding compensation breakdown. If not, then do a brief introspection upon the domain you can improve.

More Resources -
30 days of coding (best and compact)
How to prepare for placemnets
DSA Questions (coding interview)

Most of the important stuff is simplified. Readers, please share your views and resources in the comments to help peers.

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Peace ✌

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cool post!

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Devang Agarwal

Thank you 😊

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Viky021 • Edited

This post was so helpful!! Love this

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Devang Agarwal

Thank you 😊

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Prakhar Gupta

Wow! So insightful! Keep Posting more.

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Devang Agarwal

Thank you Prakhar 😊