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Colour emotes :)

Disclaimer ⚠

This blog does not teach you the colour theory

Storytime 🎀

I have been fascinated by colours because from every element in the design forum, colour is the concept I find reflecting mood most precisely and instantaneously for obvious psychological reasons. I was branding (SVACH- A natural-soap company)[] as a personal project so I wanted it to reflect a mood of NatureπŸ‚, like making it connected to nature as much as possible. So I went for shades of Brown(soil) and Green(trees), both signify nature pretty well, they do right?
Colour panel to show the use of colours

Learning πŸ™Œ

I tend to find the mood, personality, the attitude the respective design wants to reflect and then just relate that emotion to the colours if I am not able to find something or I am confused then researching a bit helps every time. For instance, I was trying to put a colour for an error field in a form which should be less aggressive as red comes in as fearful, we get scared a bit when we see that bright red in an error field so I choose to use orange-ish as an error field which did not come in not as aggressive and served the purpose of stating an error.
The error field

Once I find the correct colour(s) to signify the mood it is then when I start using the colour theory and curate a palette to be used for the respective design system

Conclusion πŸ‘‹

If you choose the correct colour(s) 'with' proper design elements(they are equally important to signify the design personality) like typography, imagery, etc your design will help to reflect the ideas it is meant to :)

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