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Design for people!

👋 #Introduction
Since all these years I have been designing and for a couple of months now I have come to realize that design essentially is not for you to appeal or even the client at times if you look at in a way. For example, if you have a client whose business is to sell products and get sales then who are you designing for? If you ask me then it is for the end-users really. You design a poster and it has to be taken well by the probable customers of your client. Right?

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Why am I coming up with this points? Because whenever I design something for the user and the client does not like it then I feel it is my job to explain to the client that why I have designed what I have designed and the reason I feel it will cater to the user better. For instance, I have had a client saying you should change the font, so I do not disagree instantly thinking he might have something to add it with respect to end-users and I ask why, but instead, they say that they did not like the font, it's not bad but they personally did not like it; now this is where I feel I should explain that why I have chosen that particular font and how it will affect the user psychology and cater to them. Here is when the client really understands and we try to come up with a middle-ground.

💡 #Clients are Smart!
I would also like to add that everything clients say does not have to be wrong while their design perspective can be immature but they are smart too they have been running a business and they understand the clients too, so try to communicate as much as possible, your designer ego might hurt but it is for the greater good :P

###One who empathizes is the one who designs the best
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