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Kompose Codeless NLP Powered Bot Builder

Devashish Datt Mamgain
Cofounder Building Human + Bot Hybrid Customer Support love building products and writes about technology
・1 min read

After months of development, we are launching Kompose - A Codeless NLP Powered Bot Builder.

We explored many NLP libraries from spacy, NLKT, nlp.js, wink,, etc Here is are some details on NLP libraries for node js here:

We finally settled for nlp.js, built things on top of it, adding the chat APIs layer, multi-tenant support, caching system, user interfaces, database storage, real time update processing and built a full-fledged chatbot builder.

It took us a month to launch the beta version of Kompose and another 2 months perfecting it.

Finally, we are launching the public version today on Product Hunt

What are the features you would like to see for NLP based chatbots?

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