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unStack 2019 event recap; All the announcements that matter

unStack is a hands-on workshop community, tailored towards building great technical talents with a hands-on learning approach, learning about new technologies/tools and mastering patterns to navigate already existing ones.

This event which was completely sold out with 260+ people in attendance, being the first offline event of the unStack Community is not the first event nonetheless. The first-ever event of the unStack Community was a LIVE session on Zoom titled The Future of GraphQL for the Web with Nadir Dabit(Developer Advocate at Amazon) & Shodipo Ayomide as speakers.

The online zoom event impressively had 70+ developers tuned in LIVE into the event on zoom. The offline event was then conceived to accommodate folks in the Lagos Developer Ecosystem who could not tune into such LIVE sessions for reasons ranging from data to time and all.

Table of Contents


The event keynote which was taken by unStack’s Lead Shodipo Ayomide kicked off 17th August at 09:30 am WAT

where he spoke about various pointers on what exactly unStack is and where unStack is heading to as a community for technical talents, unStack is not just a community of developers but is also interested in the Product designers ecosystem and related technical skills, unStack is also not tailored towards React or JavaScript but focused on the Web & Mobile ecosystem. You can view the keynote slide deck here: Shodipo Ayomide Keynote Slide


1) The first speaker session was handled by Software Engineer & Founder of Dev Career Akintunde Sultan @hacksultan speaking on Software Development: Beginner to Intermediate.

2) The second workshop session was handled by Software Engineer Shedrack Akintayo @coder_blvck on the topic Getting Started with React.

3) The third workshop session was run by Software Engineer at Andela Benny Ogidan on the topic Getting started with React and GraphQL

4) The forth workshop session was handled by Senior Software Engineer at Andela
Akinrele Sinmisola @simiakinrele on the topic Code splitting using Suspense and Lazy

5) The fifth workshop session was taken by Media Developer Advocate at Cloudinary Obinna Ekwuno @Obinnaspeaks on the topic React + Accessibility (m16y) = Awesome Web for all

5) The fifth workshop session at unStack was handled by Senior JavaScript Engineer at Studio14 Abiodun Quadri @iamphobs on the topic Advanced React Animations.

6) Our fifth and last workshop session at unStack was handled by the amazing Olusegun Ayeni @iamraphson a Software Engineer at Paystack, who taught on the topic Amplify your productivity with React Native


The unStack event had amazing sponsors who helped unStack happen so smoothly.


CodeSandbox is an online code editor with a focus on creating and sharing web application, from prototype to deployment.


Hashnode is the easiest way to connect with the best developers from around the world and grow your career! With Hashnode’s Devblog feature, you can start a new blog on your domain and take advantage of Hashnode’s audience network.


Cloudinary is the market leader in providing a comprehensive cloud-based image and video management platform. Cloudinary is being used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world, from small startups to large enterprises. We are here to cover your every image and video-related need.


Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps


Andela builds distributed engineering teams with Africa’s top software engineers. We handle talent assessment, onboarding, and continuous improvement. You get back to building and they are hiring!!


Paystack is a technology company solving payments problems for ambitious businesses. Our mission is to help businesses in Africa become profitable, envied, and loved.


Egghead egghead is a group of working web development professionals and open source contributors that provide you with concise, information dense video courses on the best tools in the industry.

Developers Circles Lagos from Facebook

Developers Circles connects you to collaborate, learn, and code with other local developers. Join your local Developer Circle to connect with your developer community on Facebook and attend meetups in your area


Thinkster helps your learn how real apps are built, from scratch, using the latest frameworks and technologies.

Adora Hack

Adora Hack Adora Hack contains articles on Technology and Software Development by Adora Nwodo, a Full Stack Software Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria.


This beautiful and impactful event was put together by the awesome unStack team of 7 persons, with different strength but came together in one vision to collaborate and create this 🔥🔥

Name Role Twitter Handles GitHub Handles
Shodipo Ayomide Developer Advocate & Software Engineer / unStack Lead @developerayo developerayo
Adora Nwodu Software Engineer at Microsoft / unStack Co-Lead @theadoranwodo AdoraNwodo
Orjiewuru Kingdom Software Engineer at ShipStation & Andela / unStack Co-Lead @kingisaac95 kingisaac95
Ademola Adegbuyi Front-end Engineer at Paystack / unStack Co-Lead @_ooade ooade
Marvin Ogah Product Designer / unStack Co-lead NULL dudesoamazing
Oluebube Princess Software Engineer / unStack Co-Lead @PrincesOluebube Princesso
Emmanuel Odianosen Software Engineer / unStack Co-Lead @emma_odia emmaodia


We got a whole new insight on how much people are willing to contribute to themselves to good causes from watching the volunteer team of ushers provide a seamless experience for attendees! Worthy of mention is the fact that some members of the team were super early birds that day who reached out and simply asked: “How can I be of help?”

Well, how can you be of help to the unStack community? For starters, join the slack slack channel here: unStack Slack

You can follow unStack on Twitter for more updates: @unstack_ or visit our website at

Did I hear you ask: “When is the next unStack event?”

There is another unStack event in the works and this one… shssss…

Word on the street has it that it will be more lit than the last one because it is… Okay! Enough said! Do kindly set up your Slack & Twitter notifications so you do not get left out! Hope to see you soon!

Watch a two minute clip review of the unStack conference 2019: Video

Cheers! 🍷

Thanks for coming to unStack Conference 2019 and see you at the next meetup. 🔥🔥🔥🚀

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