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unStack Workshop on React.js to Kick Off Soon in Lagos

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Free unStack Workshop on React.js Coming Up in Lagos on March 20-21, learn about the tracks, agenda, and speakers at the free unStack Workshop to be held in Lagos on March 20-21.

On August 17, 2019, unStack was launched at the unStack Workshop with the aim of, through free events, enabling developers to gain software expertise and achieve their career goals. Over 300 developers attended as an open-source community that focused on hands-on workshops and enlightening, informative talks for software engineers and designers.

This year, unStack will hold a two-day React.js workshop on March 20-21 at Zone Tech Park, Gbagada, Lagos, with three learning tracks: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Day 1 (Beginner Track) πŸ”§

Day 1 of the workshop, slated for Friday, March 20, is geared for novice developers with an emphasis on major concepts and essentials in JavaScript and React.js. The agenda includes the following talks:

All the talks are designed for simplicity and ease of comprehension. Attendees for the Beginner Track are welcome to participate in the Intermediate-Advanced Track on the next day.

Day 2 (Intermediate-Advanced Track) πŸ”₯

Day 2 (Saturday, March 21) will focus on fostering intermediate and advanced engineers as they progress in the software ecosystem, with our world-class speakers and well-crafted talks from each of them, The agenda includes the following talks:

Check out the complete schedule and the list of luminary speakers.

unStack All Speakers Shodipo Ayomide

The unStack Way With Cloudinary Support πŸ”₯

All unStack events center on deep-dive content to empower you with skills and expertise to fly on your own.

Our sponsor this year is Cloudinary, an end-to-end platform on which you can seamlessly and efficiently manage, optimize, and deliver rich media at scale. To learn about Cloudinary’s nifty features, join the training courses at the Cloudinary Academy, which would prepare you well for the workshops. In addition, attend my talk Getting Started with Cloudinary on Day 1 and Cloudinary on Steroids on Day 2.

Interested? Register pronto for free attendance. I look forward to meeting you at the workshop and learning together.

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For someone who hasn't gotten his hand on his first code, is it ok to attend?


Hi Icon,
If you have at least a simple knowledge of, HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript it'll be great for you to attend, the workshop would get you up and running with JavaScript and then moving onto react.js as a framework, at the end of this workshop, you will definitely be building real-world applications. :)


Am still a newbie, just registered for the start.ng course for beginners

Push that forward!
it's a great program.


Please is it necessary to come along with a laptop? Cuz my laptop just crashed


That’s the number 1 criteria,
Because it’s a workshop.


I what to register for the event and telling me ticket sold out.


Unfortunately, our tickets have been sold out :(
But definitely keep an eye out for our next event.


Wow! I can never miss this workshop.


If you have registered for one of the days, can you still attend the other day?


You have to either register for both days or one day, they have different tickets