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Add Formspree Formbutton to a Gatsby site

I was looking to add the Formexpress button to a Gatsby site I was developing as a method of contacting the business. In normal HTML you could have probably pasted the script tag easily but in Gatsby it's not so simple.

My method was to create the gatsby-ssr.js file in the root of my working directory and post the code there so that the script tag appears on the body.

This is what I wrote in the file:

import React from 'react';
export const onRenderBody = ({ setPostBodyComponents }, pluginOptions) => {
        <script key="formspreeBase" src="" type="text/javascript" aysnc />,
                __html: `
                formbutton("create", {
                    action: "{your-form-id}",
                    title: "How can we help?",
                    fields: [
                        type: "email", 
                        label: "Email:", 
                        name: "email",
                        required: true,
                        placeholder: ""
                        type: "textarea",
                        label: "Message:",
                        name: "message",
                        placeholder: "What would you like to discuss?",
                    { type: "submit" }      
                styles: {
                    title: {
                        backgroundColor: "#ff7b24"
                    button: {
                        backgroundColor: "#ff7b24"
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Adding this to the page resulted in a small button on the site that the user can click to send a form to the user!

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