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5 Reasons Why People Are Afraid To Code

The passion to learn new things is one of the major reasons why developers still code through the years. Let's take a look at the challenge faced by beginners who aspire to start a career on this path.

1. People Think it's Too Difficult

Programming is difficult and can become frustrating if íts not understood. Learning the fundamentals of a programming language will make it easy and fun. In this case, you will gain more knowledge and experience as you practice consistently.

2. They Presume That They’ll Fail

Mindset is everything. If you think you are a loser so you are, vice versa. Your attitude towards a thing determines the outcome. Wrong motivations can not yield productivity. Presuming that you’ll fail affects your mindset and soon enough you’ll start to have negative thoughts.

Those who fail are those who never start.

3. Beginners Think it’s Too Late to Learn

Coding is a continuous journey it has no end.
The truth is programming is a never-ending skill that you need to develop. You don’t stop learning, pretty much like any profession. Age isn't a barrier to success. I have read stories of famous entrepreneurs who founded their companies at their old age. Age shouldn't stop you from achieving that goal you desire.

4. They Think They Aren't Meant to Code

No man is an island of knowledge. Just because your program was unable to run at the first attempt doesn't define your journey into the future. Stop comparing yourself to others there is no superman anywhere. Keep trying and never be disappointed when you fail.

5. They Think it’s Expensive

Some people tell me how interested they love to learn to code but can't afford the cost. You see it's not about the cost it's about your actions. There are so many free resources online for beginners to start learning with. In my case, I took advantage of YouTube, and free e-books related to what I was learning at that moment. This same approach still works for beginners.

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