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Client-side image compression with Firebase and Compressor.js

To upload an image to Firebase using compressor.js, you can use the following steps:

  1. Install the compressor.js library using npm: npm install compressor.js.

  2. Import the library in your JavaScript file: import compressor from 'compressor.js';.

  3. Use the compressor object to compress the image file. For example:

const fileInput = document.getElementById('file-input');
const file = fileInput.files[0];

compressor.compress(file, options).then((compressedFile) => {
  // The image is now compressed and ready for upload.  
  // step 4 code here.
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  1. Use the Firebase Storage API to upload the compressed image to your Firebase project. You will need to provide your Firebase project's storage bucket URL and a reference to the file you want to upload. For example:
// Get a reference to the storage service, which is used to create references in your storage bucket
// Create a storage reference from our storage service
const storageRef =;
// Create a reference to the file we want to upload
const fileRef = storageRef.child('images/my-image.jpg');

// Use the `put` method to upload the file to Firebase
fileRef.put(compressedFile).then((snapshot) => {
  // The image has been successfully uploaded to Firebase.
  console.log('Uploaded a file!');
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In this example, 'compressedFile' is the file that you want to upload to Firebase. This code will upload the file to the images directory in your Firebase storage bucket.

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