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Building your Open Source Project with Dev Dapp Starter Grants

Building your own open-source software project is a great way to learn coding skills especially when you're a beginner, this can also help you develop industry valuable skills in real-world projects while meeting up with other developers, and collaborating with them. As your project grows, more people rely on the code you build everyday and making sure open source developers can make a career out of their work is fundamental to keep these projects alive. Luckily, Dev Protocol has the mission to support every creator with their open-source projects which means you can earn a living that motivates you to continue your project.

Dev Protocol technology mission is to help

Dev Protocol's technology mission is to help every creator. Dev Protocol creates opportunities to monetize open-source software projects by allowing people from around the world to stake their cryptocurrency on verified GitHub repositories. Dev Protocol was created with the use of blockchain technology as a system to realize continuous support for all creators. DEV token is a crypto asset issued by Dev Protocol. Staking is like depositing your money to banks. As you may know, you’ll get interest for your deposited money. For DEV, if you deposit DEV token (money) to OSS (banks), you’ll get interest. The interest will be shared with developers, which means, interest for developers (reward) will be a donation for developers.

If you're new to all of it, we are launching a new beginner program that offers a big opportunity for you to learn how to develop decentralized applications (Dapps).

Learning Guide

Learn how to build Dapp with Dev Protocol technology 👇

Building Decentralized applications with DEV Integration

If you are new to this field, navigate to blockchain-dev-path repository, Dev Protocol documentation or join Web 3 Community to collaborate with minded people.

Dev Dapp Starter Grants

Dev Protocol, Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol from Japan, will be holding "Dev Dapp Starter Grants", a grant program aimed at aiding the development of blockchain applications (Dapps). The program will provide financial support (paid in DEV token) to the people who are working on Dapp development using Dev Protocol technology, a blockchain technology that allows creators to monetize their creations and gain sustainable support. If you don't know the DEV token, it is a new cryptocurrency or digital money for developers, its rise up depends on the demand just like what happened to Bitcoin and to other cryptos.


  • Blockchain experience is not a requirement for this grant.
  • No age requirements

Who can apply

Developers from all of the countries. You can apply by forming a team with one or more members. The qualifications for application are as follows:

  • Those who are interested in Dev Protocol
  • Those with programming experience
  • Those who are interested in the latest technology trends (especially blockchain technology)
  • Those who want to challenge the social implementation of new technology

Grant Amount

The best Dapps will receive up to 500 DEV tokens that come from the Dev Protocol Property Tokens staking rewards (equivalent to about 1500 USD). DEV tokens can be used on the Dev Protocol, and the ecosystem grows with more Dapps.

Application period

July 26, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Read the full details and register here

Join our growing community

If you have developer friends or a tech community, you should invite them to the Dev Protocol or Web 3 community, and join the Dev Protocol or Web 3 community as early as possible because these communities provide many opportunities that you shouldn't miss. So what are you waiting for? Come join us and let's help each other to grow!

Join Dev Protocol or Web 3 Community server to keep you updated and don't be afraid to ask any questions you have!

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