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The DEV Team

Calling *all* DEVs, please join us for #SheCoded 2019.

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) Updated on ・2 min read

International Women's Day is THIS FRIDAY!!

Each year, "Nevertheless, She Coded" amplifies the journeys of women and non-binary people who code. We started this celebration two years ago and I'm excited to share that #SheCoded has developed into a truly impressive collection of voices, with each voice full of insight and excellent advice. We hope you'll participate and celebrate this important day with us again.

Since 'Balance For Better' is the official 2019 theme for IWD, we're adding the opportunity for allies to participate as well. As they say, everyone has a part to play, and we want to hear from allies on how they'll support women and non-binary devs.

For those of you who participated last year, we encourage you to submit another post. We have an updated prompt! And if you're new to the celebration, we welcome you to contribute to the collective.

We'll be featuring your stories all over dev.to and social on Friday, March 8th but you can get started TODAY:

Note, you need to sign in in order to see the template.

For women:

  • Visit dev.to/new/shecoded
  • You'll see a template with some suggestions. This is only meant to get your ideas going, so please feel free to write your own narrative!

For gender non-binary people (see note below):

  • Visit dev.to/new/theycoded
  • You'll see a template with some suggestions. This is only meant to get your ideas going, so please feel free to write your own narrative!
  • Send it off 🚀

For allies:


  • Forward this post or our official landing page to all the humans you know!
  • Read stories and leave some love (comments & hearts & unicorns & retweets) on Friday!

Thank you all for being a wonderful part of the community.

Note: "Nevertheless, She Coded" was inspired by International Women's Day. We include and elevate non-binary people who are interested in participating and sharing their story. However, we understand that some members who identify as non-binary appreciate the inclusion while others may want to celebrate women only. Please know we will also be celebrating International Non-Binary People's Day on July 14.

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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Some of our absolute best contributors and community members first found their way to DEV through SheCoded. It's such an awesome tradition.


Ah, this is awesome!

Maybe I can get my daughter to code again; it's been a while.


Yay! This is so exciting I'm happy I'll be part of this year's #SheCoded again.


Superb initiative! I am so behind this, Jess.


Question - can I convert my post to a medium article, just for my resume? any rules about reusing the post?


This is great, I've been reading the posts and wondering the origin. Now I know, time to join on.


It's important enough to you that you took time out to complain about it, so imagine how it feels to those "retarded" people.