DenverCoder9 and the future of DEV

Ben Halpern on November 17, 2018

As DEV grows in popularity, it's really exciting to see folks finding community, encouragement and guidance. It's also exciting to see that people ... [Read Full]
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DEV might rival StackOverflow in terms of popularity in a couple years.

Developers really hate ads and having a social media dedicated to them with basically no ads will certainly keep on attracting more and more people.


I have been a developer by 28 years. I have seen the web grow and evolve.

I don't hate ads. Ads have provided the money for the web evolution.

Ads did also motivate the people to put the content in the web and make it the big thing it is today.

I like a lot the Ads related to programming concepts, services and components. It keeps me informed of new stuff while paying the people working on the content of the websites that I like.

Some people want to pay, some people like Ads. When I see a website with a premium feature of diabling the Ads, I see freedom.

Maybe the problem is the business model. Many websites put a fixed price for disabling the Ads. I would make a flexible model based on a prepaid amount and the user decide the random distribution of Ad exclusions. and SO are fundamentaly different places. It's not just the direction of information, at you give at SO you ask. But SO is also quite much a game, earning points and stuff. And also this extremely terrible stuff:


Stack and DEV are definitely very different. It will be interesting to see how things evolve.

I’ve been trying to think of DEV as tooling for folks to make use of as they’d like (so long as they don’t hurt the general user experience).

Stack, DEV, Reddit, Medium, Quora, Twitter, GitHub, Discuourse, etc. There’s a bit of crossover with a lot of different platforms that serve different needs.

Staying open-minded and imaginative and seeing where things go. The constant for some of this is that we live on the open web and are therefore partners to Google.

I see value in DEV because it provides the experience in the form of POST.

I use Stack Overflow in order to consult one organized knowledge base in the form of Q/A.


I personally find SO way more welcoming than DEV.

But that is not the point. I am more or less grown person, I find tooling to be more important than welcoming, and here we are going into the right direction IMHO: common blogging platform is exactly what we lack for decades.

There is medium. Which is kind of a common blogging platform. But I hate their user experience.

I hate their user experience.

Exactly. “Hate” is even too soft word here. Not to mention it’s an attempt to create a silver bullet—blogging platform for everybody, which makes it useless for communities.

I've been working on a web app recently that allows you to read news articles without all the page clutter @ It's all on GitHub, totally client-side and I recently added support for!

Thank you for the link, but I am more of a writer :)

Medium has no support for markdown which is an absolute showstopper for me.

I feel like tooling is what I’m mostly describing in this post. Excited about where we’re going in terms of tooling.


Yeah, Stack is way more focused. DEV is a blogging platform that people happen to use a lot for question/answer stuff.


You built it - devs will come. I came here from Medium because of the markdown writing experience and the ability to tag my posts. These two things are what I most value.

I wish there was a way to ignore a tag so I don't see articles about it. For example, php. I will never ever write PHP, I know for a fact I won't ever care about it.


I love DEV and the lack of ads, but out of interest, how do you see the long term funding working? I'd be up for paying a small monthly fee to keep it going, and I doubt I'm alone in that.


Well we currently have sponsors, which are sort of like ads. To the extent we do more of this, it will be done tastefully and minimally.

We currently have a membership available but we sort of downplay it because we want to go back to the drawing board on what exactly we're offering.

We also have some education-oriented things, perhaps courses, etc. in the future roadmap. This would likely be a platform where members could both pay and make money off the platform. A sort of more explicit teacher-student relationship amongst our experts.

So lonterm I imagine our funding will come from a variety of sources, but we haven't rushed too hard into anything thus far.

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