Hacktoberfest Has Finished. Thanks to All Those Who Took Part!

Ben Halpern on November 01, 2019

Another great Hacktoberfest is concluded. Jump to the bottom of this post for important info about profile badges. This was the first time that DE... [Read Full]
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Hacktoberfest was great for me this time. Would like to specially appreciate the website and logo design - love the cyberpunk like theme!
I also contributed to an npm library for the first time!
Thanks, DEV and DigitalOcean, for providing this opportunity!


Thanks for the timely and effective push forward.

Thanks to the Hacktoberfest I dared to interact with teams of unfamiliar projects. To do this, I had to study their rules, install a lot of new programs on the local machine, learn how to work with branches, make improvements to my PRs and correspond with people I have never seen. There was not enough time and determination for all this earlier.

In just 4 weeks I managed to solve many auxiliary problems that seemed incomprehensible and overwhelming. Now I felt that the doors of GitHub really opened, and before me appears a universe of new opportunities.

Many thanks!

My conributions in the last year


It was my first hacktoberfest and contributing to DEV was super fun! Shoutout to Jess for allowing me to work the color preview feature and rhymes for reviewing my PR :D


Congrats on the contributions! They were really great.


It was the first Hacktoberfest I participated in. Lots of fun. Thanks for co-sponsoring this DEV!

Here's my recap for those interested.


Thanks for giving me a nudge to try contributing to open source. I didn't make enough this time (first time) but I enjoyed it and I'll try again next year. Regardless I'll get involved and contribute until October 2020 anyway.
Hacktoberfest - What a great idea!


i have an T-shirt and i can't get it. ( because i live in iran ) :)
anyone want this ? ( just i want to gift it to someone )


Hi Mohammad! I'd love the shirt if you're still looking to gift it. :) I finished at the end of the month so I'm pretty sure I didn't make it under the first 50,000.


sry conan. i promised it to someone :(
you said 1 day late :(

No worries. Thank you for offering to give the shirt to someone else!


and alo digital ocean said they can't send T-shirt.
they just have stickers for me :)))


Thank you everybody! It was a learning experience for me helping out reviewing Hacktoberfest PRs!

I definitely didn't realize that as DEV team we had our collective pairs of eyes on over 500 PRs!

That's amazing!!


I could not sadly participate this month but congratulations to all who took the time to help out on open-source. 💪


Maybe I signed up to Dev.to too late but I must say it was wonderful contributing for my very first time. It made the whole process so much less intimidating and the community was extremely welcoming and helpful.


Yay!! Can't wait for my first badge. Thanks DEV!


Hi there! Do we have a link to track the stickers and the T-Shirt?


Hey! I got an email from Kotis Design(T-shirt shop) with the DHL link after a week ordering :)


Thanks for co-sponsoring the event, I discovered a whole new world. Even if I wasn't able to complete the event (mostly because I overcame my fear a little too late) I'm now focused on the opensource world and ready to do my part :)


That badge is freaking sweet. I didn't contribute to DEV this year because I don't know anything about Rails, but that's gonna change soon...


The badge thing is very awesome, I am waiting mine 😋😋


I also managed to do it this year and it was a pretty nice experience! Looking forward to next year or #codecember 😎👨🏻‍💻


If i have completed the fest and is logging via gihub, shouldnt it be displaying the badge?


It was an awesome event and very eye-opening how Open Source itself can be valuable and fun. 😀


Oh, I get a badge too that's awesome! Really looking forward to the shirt and stickers I'm so stoked! This event got me to dive into OSS and I'm super glad I did it's an awesome feeling.


I had a great time participating in Hacktoberfest! It was my first foray into open-source, and I really enjoyed diving into others' code and contributing.


I liked the Hackoberfest Sticker (to put on my notebook :D ) and I'm sure I'll like the digital badge too 🎉


Hey! I completed my hactoberfest challenge and also my DEV is linked with GitHub still didn't receive my hactober badge. Can you help in some way?

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