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Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

This is a weekly roundup of awesome DEV comments that you may have missed. You are welcome and encouraged to boost posts and comments yourself using the #bestofdev tag.

Congrats on this win of the week, @ritaxcorreia!

Finaaaaaaally deploying my portfolio website! I finally have something decent to showcase my projects self high-five

Thank you for contributing to the Black History Month celebration here on DEV @krrishdhaneja! I need to check out Coldfusion on YouTube!

I don’t know a tech history maker but one black person who teaches tech using YT, is Dagogo Altraide or famously known as Coldfusion on YT, he is the best person on earth according to me who teaches tech and science in a very interesting and documentary type videos!!

"A single character typo brought me to my knees."
β€” @djtai in "What's the longest you've ever spent debugging a single bug?"

I can relate πŸ˜…

Probably a whole 9-hr work day and some change.

I was tasked with creating some Ansible configs for these build agents. The machines being spun up from them were identical, but spread across 3 different networks: A, B, and C. The big difference was one zip. A and B got it from shared drives, but C pulled it from our Artifactory. I was told that the one in Artifactory was the same from both A and B.

A and B were fine but machines on C were failing. I figured it was the zip, and it was...but it took the whole day and 2 30-minute Zoom meetings with different folks.

The problem? Well all 3 zips had the same name: Dir_X.Y.Z_14.0 but

  • The zips on A and B unzipped to C:\Path\To\Dir_X.Y.Z_14.0
  • The zip on C unzipped to C:\Path\To\Dir_X.Y.Z-14.0

A single-character typo brought me to my knees lol. Someone renamed the directory to have a hyphen, but the zip they created still had an underscore, lol. Ahh good times.

@ziizium is a definite Pro Googler!

In addition,

You can use | in place of OR. e.g JavaScript | HTML

Google search result for JavaScript and HTML

The ext is also a substitute for filetype

Google search result for JavaScript PDF documents

Limit search to a domain e.g .com, .edu, .org e.t.c

Google search results for performance of web applications

You can go really weird by combining operators and search terms that will perform a pinpoint search.

JavaScript|HTML|CSS filetype:pdf -"framework" site:edu

When I have the time, I'll write a more comprehensive post about Google searching.

Another awesome win of the week! I hope you're still celebrating, @ldrmuse πŸŽ‰

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See you next week for more great comments ✌

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Thanks for your awesome contributions to these discussions on DEV @ritaxcorreia , @krrishdhaneja , @djtai , @ziizium , & @ldrmuse !

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Rita Correia

Wow I was not expecting that! Thanks so much for featuring my comment on here 😳☺️

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Krrish Dhaneja

Thanks for having me in this and for the Fab 5 badge! Thanks a lot! Tbh I wasn’t expecting to be in top 5!πŸ₯³

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David Taitingfong

Oh wow, this is so cool! And it came with a badge 🀩 🎊 Thank you and take care!