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Quality Data - App vs Project Analytics

On the AppGallery Connect console you will find two areas that display quality data, on the surface they look the same.

One is Quality analysis under App analytics > Analyze, which covers Quality Overview, Crashes and ANRs, Launches and freezes, and Power consumption.


The other is Quality in My Projects, under which there are Crash, APM and other services.


If we take a look at the documentation concerning Quality analysis and Quality.

We can see that SDK integration is not required for accessing data in Quality analysis. However, this applies only to some apps. However SDK integration is required for accessing data in Quality. This also applies to iOS apps.

The differences between the two types of analytics can be described as:

Quality Analysis

Only supported on Huawei devices with EMUI. No SDK integration is required as the data is collected directly by the devices operating system. The data is owned by Huawei and app developers are provided with this data about their apps.


All apps and platforms are supported (Android, iOS, hybrid frameworks). However SDK integration is required. The SDK collects the data and this data is owned by the application itself.

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