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Richard Dewey Hammers
Richard Dewey Hammers

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Getting through a Bootcamp

I did it! I have finished the full course with Flatiron getting through all 5 mods! I came in knowing nothing about ruby to fully understanding it and growing my knowledge of JavaScript. What next? I'm now working on a new project taking my first project which was a ruby cli and giving it a user UI with React. I will be pulling from a starwars API to take in data to display to the user to info about 6 different categories.

I want to take my knowledge I learned from React in mod5 and grow on that with hooks. I want to keep learning and build more projects to keep code fresh in my mind. I want to start learning Node.js as a backend server as its liter to use over something like Rails. I also might want to pick up python also. I can't wait to see what life throughs at me next!

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