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Richard Dewey Hammers
Richard Dewey Hammers

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Rails + React

I was really excited to start this project as it was going to put everything that I learned in the last 10 months from Ruby and JavaScript all together into one project. I decided to really test myself by making a budgeting app that I would use myself. This project turned out to be a lot harder then I thought it would be. In all it toke me about 10 days to finish the whole project. The app starts off asking the user to either signup or login. From there you have the main app where the transactions and budging takes place. The user can also head over to his own profile page and either read through his info or edit his username or email.

the hardest thing that I had to overcome in this project was dealing with my rails and the belongs to and has many. The was I set up the transaction and budget model was that a transaction belongs to a budget and a budget has many. The transaction model also had its on account, which was a string with a given name that the transaction belonged too. The problem come in when I wanted to have a transaction without linking a budget to it as it would either add income or outcome from the account itself. Rails did not like this as it had to have an ID to be created, so after six hours I came up with creating a join table through a model to be created if there was a budget to be linked with a transaction.

In all I really feel like this project has really strengthen me in my knowledge of Ruby and JavaScript.

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