My First Website

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Okay! Here goes, Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

That took me a while to design and develop a website for me from scratch using gatsby

What do I have there?

  • Theme (dark / light)

  • Responsiveness(mobile/tablet/desktop)

  • Animations (A little)

  • All my blogs, portfolio, blah, blah blah..

Last but not the Least, it is Fast πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

Link to my Website:


Do let me know your comments personally or in comments.

Github link for my website,



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Really like this site. The notion of a night/day mode on a website is really fun.

  • Animation is seamless and slick. Doesn't detract from the website's accessibility at all.
  • Love that the hamburger navigation menu takes up the whole screen. Lovely display of minimalist web design.
  • The layout of the 'Blogs' page is very nice. Good use of white space and colour. Same again for the portfolio page.
  • Love the unique way of displaying Technical Skills.
  • Font choice is perfect. Modern. Clear. Legible.


  • The 'About Me' section, I love the typing-terminal animation but I think it needs a 'Skip' button in case people are trying to access information in a short time.
  • What do the percentages mean on the Technical Skills page? Are they confidence in those areas? Or something else? Could do with a key to help viewers quantify the statistics.

Feel free to ignore my comments but I really, really, really like the site! Great example of how to develop a slick, modern site.


Woah! Thank you for assessing my website, Appreciate it :)
I agree that I should have implemented a skip animation, will definitely do it.
Percentages are like how I rate myself out of 100% for every item in that list. Yes that could be bit confusing πŸ˜… as Dan already commented. Will try to show some means to quantify them


Not a problem! It's really excellent and you should be very happy with it (I hope you are).
I'm glad my feedback was at least helpful to you.

If I was to add anything, I'd say double-check that your animation doesn't prevent information being taken in if JavaScript isn't enabled (especially on your About Me section, as that's important information that you absolutely want everyone to read). And as for the tech skills page: even something to just to tell a prospective employer, for example, that this is simply a self-assessment of your own confidence in these areas.
Best of luck!!!

Yes I am Happy about my website πŸ€“ for sure.
And I'll follow up on all the suggestions that I received :)


Great website!

I don't remember when or where, but I read something about these kind of skill statistics - 80% done Javascript and etc. Apparently it's quite ambiguous - and when you think about it, it is. 80% done Javascript... but 80% of what? A basic course? Reading a book? Something to think about if you're using this to advertise yourself for employment.

But really, it's a sharp site. I like it a bunch!


First of all Thank you :)
Its basically how would I rate myself out of 100%. I know it is ambiguous if you ask what's that 100%πŸ˜….


I love it so much! Way better than my current website. I have to get on top of my animation game!


This is really awesome, keep it up.


When you open the hamburger menu, fonts are a little too big on a mobile phone.


I was thinking that gives more space for every item to choose from.ll look into it


I really like your site. Simple,clean and to the point. Awesome.


Looks delightful, especially the transition effect between light & dark theme


One thing missing was the links to projects? Live version and code? No images as well. Other than that very nice minimal design you got there. Clean and I like the color scheme.
Keep it up


Thanks for reminding me, i totally forgot to add links to my projects! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
ll add it shortly


submitted my first issue in github. A minor one though :)