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Need some advice!

Twitter just announced that there will no longer be free access to the twitter API. (

Hi! I'm Dhravya - a 17 year old maker. I have a small twitter tool -, which includes the website and the API

I got some donations at the start which helped me pay for the hosting costs, but that's been it.

And the main problems start here.
I'm a student and indie developer, and I have crucial examinations coming up in just 20 days. I wanted to monetise the bot after exams to create a revenue stream for myself, but the timing is very, very bad.

So, what do I do?

  • Loss for a couple of months and monetise later
  • Sell the project + twitter acc and start with a new side project right after the exams
  • Ask for donations and keep the project free for as long as I can
  • Start selling the entire codebase to multiple people (on license basis? not sure.)

If I choose to sell the project, where do I sell a side project? How do I get buyers?

Here's why I kept my project free:

  • Proof of work.
  • I wanted the maximum number of users so that I could have a boost for later projects
  • It wasn't expensive to host or difficult to make, and I don't think I could provide enough value.

What do you think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Why not just pause the API for the time being until you have finished the exams. By then, the cost and rules for twitter API will be properly documented, and you can then decide how to move on.

If it is just about documenting your proof-of-work, you can archive your codebase in github, documenting the reason. The git and github history will be undeniable proof of your skills. You can archive it, and use the knowledge you have gained to build something bigger, ahead of you.

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That's what I'm thinking to do. Thanks for the advice!