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How to write an article?

I am trying to write an article, but I am not sure how to start writing about it.
Where to start, what to consider and what to focus on when writing it?
Also, any suggestions to read would be good.

I already searched in google but I want your opinion also.

Thanks :)

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Hoang Le

First of all, you will need to determine which topic of the article you are going to write
Then do some research, read some similar articles to get some ideas
Outline your structure of the article
Review and modify until you are Ok with it
Then finally, your article is ready to publish

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Christian Lutz

Most of the time, I simply start writing something. It don't need to be structured.
Try to write everything down your head tells you about the topic you want to write about. Afterwards, you can read trough all of it and can start to structure your article.