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can't declare url and path variables useRouteMatch in class

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Now i do so:

constructor(props) {
    let r = useRouteMatch();
    this.path = r.path;
    this.url = r.url;

but this does not work and throws errors: url is not defined, if i use them in render()
This code is indicated in the documentation:

let {path, url} = useRouteMatch();

It works for functional programming, not for class. How to declare these variables in this as one line? Or something

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React Hook can’t be used in class based components, but what you can do is to create a function component where you call the hook and pass the returned value to your class based component as a prop, create a HOC or Render Prop from the hook for example, then you will be able to receive those values in your class based component.

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