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What is new for the user in Android 10?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is primarily based on Linux kernel and designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Over the years from when the first Android was built, it has come a long way performance-wise and version-wise. As the latest version of Android is realized in September 2019 Android 10. It promises many more features attractive features to the mobile app development company, users as well as mobile app developers.

Android 10 features

Live Captions

Automatic media captions for media playing on your phone.

Android 10 brings this amazing feature of live captions. With a single touch, you can easily available to access automatic live captions of the videos, podcasts and audio messages and even things you record yourself on your phone. And the great thing is you can do all this without wifi or cell phone data.

Smart Replies

Taking actions with your replies is more fun and easy.

The yet another feature of Android 10, the users get more than just suggested responses for the messages. You also get the recommended actions and emoticons. So, if a friend texts you asking out for dinner, your phone will automatically suggest you "πŸ‘πŸ»". And the amazing thing is, you can also pull up the directions right in Google Maps automatically.

Sound Amplifier

Hear every sound more clearly.

With Android 10 Sound Amplifier, the smartphone can boost sounds like never before, is amazing with filtering the background noises and you can set the tune to hear the best. Whether talking over the call or watching TV on your phone or listening to a lecture all you have to do is plug in your headphones and every sound will come out more clearly.

Gesture Navigation

Easily do things just with a swipe and a pull.

Gestures on the touchscreen are even quicker with Android 10 and more intuitive. You can go backwards and forwards, pull the homescreen up and swipe right up to see all your open apps. All in with super smooth gestures.

Dark theme

Easy to see. New way to save battery.

Android 10 has a new Dark mode that uses true black keeping your battery alive longer. As add on, it also changes how the Google apps look, like Calendar and Photos.

Linking the Family

Set digital ground rules and help make healthy habits.

Android 10 brings a help guide for you to guide your kids as they learn, play and explore online. User can set screen time limits, view app activity, manage apps and content restrictions, and see where they are.

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