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Top 15 News APIs In The Market In 2022 For You

What is an API?

API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. It is a software interface that allows two applications to communicate with one another without the need for user intervention.

APIs enable a product or service to communicate with other products and services without requiring knowledge of how they are implemented.

It facilitates communication between the provider and the client. It is a type of software interface that provides a service to other programs. An API specification is a document or standard that describes how to build or use such a connection or interface.

An API is said to be implemented or exposed by a computer system that meets this standard. API can refer to either the specification or the implementation.

What is a News API?

A news API is a REST API framework built on JSON that uses machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to identify relevant news sources based on your search criteria.

You can track different news publications to find news sources that mention your brand. Simply enter a keyword related to your brand or product, and the API will scrape all new articles mentioning that keyword.

Now that you have a better understanding of what a news API is, let’s look at some of its most useful applications.

Applications of a News API

Today, many developers generate integrated APIs to help companies meet their demands. In addition, companies are concerned about the satisfaction of their customers. For the company to gain value in the market.

Eventually, their brand will have more customers and recognition than time. Any business entity will provide quality services to its customers. Since they expect customers to stick with their services and the organization to achieve superior results.

Before clicking on the payment method to buy a new API. Be sure to visit their site and check out the list of apps they offer to their customers. Sometimes the value of these attributes is lower due to low customer expectations.

Or these factors may not be very beneficial to the affected customer. Any news API mentioned should provide quality factors that may be useful for your purpose as an individual or for your business. There are three main things to consider when selecting a news API.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Track Competitors
  • Check Brand Reputation
  • Market research
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Risk mitigation

Top 15 News APIs in the market in 2022

1. news API is a JSON-based news API that scraps news data from 4000+ reliable news websites in 30+ languages and more than 7 categories. offers a news search feature, with that you can simply search for news data through keywords, and with advanced search filters you can filter out the unwanted data, to get useful news data, and you can download the data in CSV and XLSX format.

Key features:

  • Extract news data from over 4000+ trusted news sources worldwide with our news API.
  • Track and analyze large volumes of news data related to your organization and uncover valuable insights with our news API.
  • Extract valuable news data in an Excel, CSV, and JSON file along with analytical insights in a PDF report with our news API.
  • Get free access to API to develop and test personal projects with our news API.


The News API is a simple API that allows you to search over 30,000 news outlets worldwide. For instance, you can use the API to learn about trending stories in the New York Times, new articles published about a product, or a company recently reviewed by a blog.

The News API allows you to search for published articles using keywords or phrases, languages, publication source names, publication dates, and publication source domain names. You can also sort the results by the date of publication, the popularity of the publication source, or the relevance of the search keyword.

The News API is free to use for non-commercial purposes. It does, however, have some limitations, such as access to delayed new articles, snippet article content, and a daily limit of 1,000 requests. Pricing for commercial purposes, which has fewer restrictions, begins at $449 per month.

3. news API is constantly consuming news data from over 1 million sources in 76 languages from across the internet. Then, in near real-time, it employs NLP to extract the meaning and sentiment behind each article, story, and image.

Finally, this data is structured and enriched so that machines can read it quickly and easily. Data is collected on a daily basis, resulting in near-real-time results.

4. Contextual Web Search API

Contextual Web distinguishes itself from other search engines such as Google and Bing by indexing web pages in a manner similar to how the brain indexes memories, resulting in the formation of a brain-like network of knowledge based on the World Wide Web. You can use this news API to create a general news app or a news app focused on a specific topic.

5. Newslit (Nuzzle)

Nuzzel Media Intelligence, a news monitoring and research product for business professionals was launched earlier this year. Nuzzel’s News Search API is used to power this new product. Nuzzel Media Intelligence examines millions of shared links that pass through the Nuzzel system to determine which of those links are considered high-quality news sources by the company.

The system automatically adds sites to a list of news sources, which is then scanned on a regular basis. At the moment, the system scans over 100,000 news sources and nearly one million stories per day.

6. Newscatcher

The Newscatcher API enables developers to find news articles from major news sources and blogs based on any topic, country, language, website, or keyword. The Newscatcher API features simple integration and niche-specific content.

7. HackerNews API

Many developers are already familiar with Hacker News (HN), but for those who aren’t, it’s a social news website run by Y Combinator. The site primarily shares news stories about computer science and entrepreneurship. Hacker News has partnered with Firebase to provide near-real-time access to HN data.

The Hackers News API returns up to 500 top and new stories in near real-time, as well as the best stories. Up to 200 show HN, Ask HN, and Job stories are returned by the technology news API. An ID is assigned to items such as stories, comments, jobs, and other HN information. Each item also has some properties such as a URL, title, item type, time (creation date), text, and by (username of the author).

8. Bing News Search API

The Bing News Search API simplifies the integration of Bing’s news searching capabilities into applications. Developers can use the Bing News Search API to search and discover top stories from various news sources and blogs based on specific keywords and categories. The content can be sorted by topic, publisher, and location.

9. New York Times News API

The New York Times is a popular American news publication that provides a variety of public news APIs. The New York Times Article Search API lets you search for articles based on keywords. You can narrow down your search by using filters and facets.

It should be noted that this only provides access to NYT articles. Because this is one of the most well-known publications and has readers from all over the world, their data, despite being limited to a single publication, is rich.

10. Gnews news API

GNews is an API that allows you to search for articles from various sources. This API also provides top headlines that can be filtered by topics, such as world, business, or sports. You can also narrow down your search by specifying parameters such as language, country, and so on.

11. Mediastack news API

Mediastack is a straightforward API for news and blog posts. With this free news API, you can access live news feeds, discover trends and headlines, monitor brands, and learn about breaking news events all over the world. This API also allows for customization and is extremely simple to implement.

Notable feature: It is available in 13 different languages.

12. Contify

Rather than a keyword-based feed that includes everything, Contify’s News Feed API provides a clean, company-based intelligence feed that includes only business and industry-relevant information. Contify uses a hybrid approach that combines machine learning technology with human curation to deliver data that is de-duplicated, enriched, and actionable.

Contify’s API contains data from over 200k sources, including company websites, online news, social media, and review websites.

13. Aylien News API

Aylien’s news API provides clean, ingestible structured data feeds of the world’s news. Every minute, the tool’s NLP models understand and tag thousands of articles. Trend analysis, global coverage, and topic tagging for 4000+ categories are among the other features.

Keep you up to date with custom webhooks and push notifications.

14. Guardian API

The Guardian is a British newspaper known for providing up-to-date news, sports information, commentaries, and opinions from around the world.

The Guardian Content API allows developers to programmatically access the content available on the publication’s web portal and create amazing applications. From 1999 to the present, the API has stored over two million different pieces of content — articles, audio, videos, and images.

It provides endpoints for retrieving a variety of items, such as the API’s content, the tags used, the available sections, and the editions found in the publication’s database. Furthermore, the API results can be filtered using a variety of parameters to meet any requirement.

The API is free to use for non-commercial purposes. However, the API is priced differently for commercial use, depending on the use case.

15. Yahoo news API

You can use the API to tap into the power of Yahoo Search engine technology and data to provide your users with up-to-date news from around the world. You can use the API to tap into the power of Yahoo Search engine technology and data to provide your users with up-to-date news from around the world.

You can use the API to tap into the power of Yahoo Search engine technology and data to provide up-to-date news from around the world to your users.

Final thoughts

These are the top 15 news APIs in the market according to me and this is not ‘The’ list this “A’ list of best news APIs in 2022. Visit our website to get real-time news data and analyze news sources in your industry.

You can take advantage of our free trial session to gain a better understanding of the concepts mentioned. Purchase as you progress through your projects. We offer high-quality datasets that may be useful to your company. I hope you find this article useful.



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