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DigitalOcean Currents Survey (with prizes!)

samcoren profile image Sam Coren ・1 min read

Each quarter, DigitalOcean puts out our "Currents" survey which provides insights into how developers work and how they're affected by industry trends.

You've got until tomorrow, Wednesday May 30, to participate in this quarter's survey. The first 5k respondents will receive a special 3D foldable Sammy the Shark!

Survey Link

Read our past reports here!


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Digitial Ocean is one of the best tutorials. I see few tutorials which are not covered in depth in other tutorials or website but you guys cover those topics and there are some tutorial that covers basics that are useful for an initial stage of developers those who are coming to software development they can understand easily without anyone help. I follow dev.to regularly. You cover very interesting topics day to day with latest tech stack. Keep Up dev.to πŸ‘


Why was there no option at the age question for under 18? I'm 17 and proud to be a dev :D