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The DigitalOcean Community Weekly: Debian 10, Galera, Hacktoberfest, and more!

Welcome to The DOCOM Weekly, your weekly roundup of some of the best content published in and around the DigitalOcean Community this past week.

Hello there, I'm Mark, a Technical Writer on DigitalOcean's Developer Education team. Today's digest includes our rundown of new features in the latest Debian release, a tutorial on how to build a highly-available database cluster, an exciting talk on Hacktoberfest, and more!

Here are this week's featured posts from the DigitalOcean Community:

What's New in Debian 10 Buster

"What's New in Debian 10" banner image

Debian 10 (also known by its codename, "Buster") was released this past weekend. In this post, Brian Boucheron goes over some of the changes that come with this new version.

We're continuing to publish tutorials for this release, but you can find all of our latest Debian 10 content here.

How to Set Up a Prometheus, Grafana and Alertmanager Monitoring Stack on DigitalOcean Kubernetes

This latest tutorial from Hanif Jetha shows how to deploy a monitoring stack consisting of Prometheus, Grafana, and Alertmanager on Kubernetes.

How To Configure a Galera Cluster with MariaDB on CentOS 7 Servers

This tutorial was written by bsder, one of our wonderful Community authors, as part of our Write for DOnations program. It describes how to set up a database clustering solution with Galera and MariaDB, giving you a highly-available database with synchronous replication.

If you'd like to contribute high-quality technical content to the DigitalOcean Community, get paid for your efforts, and designate a tech-related charity to receive a matching donation, apply to write for us here.

Featured Q&A

Here are some of our favorite questions and answers that have been posted to our Community in the past week:

You, too, can get involved in the Community Q&A. Ask questions about challenges you encounter and share your expertise with other members!

Community IRL

"Looking Back, Loving Forward" Banner image

This week, DigitalOcean hosted a Pride celebration event titled Looking Back, Loving Forward. A panel of LGBTQ+ technologists visited us at our headquarters in NYC and led an insightful discussion on issues facing the LGBTQ+ tech community.

Looking Back, Loving Forward discussion panel

The DigitalOcean Startup team was at RISEConf in Hong Kong last week. There, they met with hundreds of developers and entrepreneurs to talk about the cloud, passed out some cool Sammy swag, and also led a few talks. Stay tuned for more news about what they were up to in Hong Kong.

Daniel Zaltsman — Senior Developer Relations Manager at DigitalOcean — was recently in San Francisco attending DevRelCon. There, he gave a talk on What You Can Learn From Hacktoberfest, an annual program that opens up opportunities for both aspiring and experienced developers to contribute to open-source projects. Check out the video here:

Lastly, DigitalOcean's Director of Developer Relations, Tim Falls, was interviewed for InfoQ's Engineering Culture podcast. He and host Shane Hastie discussed developer relations, the importance of open-source software, the need for ethics in education, and more. Listen here:

We'll be back with another roundup next week. Until then, thanks for reading and Happy Hacking!

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