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The DigitalOcean Community Weekly: DNS, Docker, K8s Canary Deployments, & More

Welcome to the second edition of The DOCOM Weekly, your weekly digest featuring some of the best content published in and around the DigitalOcean Community.

I’m Lisa, a member on the Developer Education team, and I’m excited about sharing knowledge throughout the developer community. Today’s roundup includes DNS management, speeding up Docker workflows, canary deployments with Istio and Kubernetes, and more!

We’ll begin with our featured posts from the past week on the DigitalOcean Community:

How To Deploy and Manage Your DNS using DNSControl on Ubuntu 18.04

Jamie Scaife with editor Kathryn Hancox walk you through using DNSControl to eliminate many of the pain points of manual DNS management. This tutorial was published through our Write for DOnations program, with funding going to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

How To Use a Remote Docker Server to Speed Up Your Workflow

This tutorial, written by Kamal Nasser and edited by Brian P. Hogan, helps you get your work done faster by demonstrating how to offload Docker tasks to a remote server so your local machine doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting.

How To Do Canary Deployments With Istio and Kubernetes

Shark Info Page

If you would like to build out canary deployments with Istio and Kubernetes, you can learn how to do so through reading this tutorial by Kathleen Juell. This article will guide you through creating a canary deployment of a demo Node.js application, providing you with a basis for your own work.

Featured Q&A

The DigitalOcean Community Questions section of our Community site is a space for you to ask a development question or provide an answer for others. Here are some questions on the minds of members of the community from the past week.

If you would like to learn more around cloud infrastructure or software development, or if you need help with troubleshooting, ask a question.

DigitalOcean on DEV

monty5811 shared a quick tutorial on how to create expiring links to an object on DigitalOcean Spaces with Django.

David Emily provides a gentle introduction to remote servers with DigitalOcean Droplets in this server setup guide.

DigitalOcean on the Web

Tom Eyckmans details how to set up a KubeRig environment using DigitalOcean’s Kubernetes service in this write-up, KubeRig & DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS).

Adam A. G. Shamblin describes how he installed Kong with Ingress on DigitalOcean Kubernetes in order to evaluate API gateway platforms in his guide Installing Kong w/ Ingress on Kubernetes in DigitalOcean.

Elliot Forbes created a video walkthrough of his DigitalOcean tutorial, How to Deploy a Resilient Go Application to Kubernetes on DigitalOcean.

More to Check Out in the Developer Community

Anxiety Tech 2019 is a mental health conference for the tech industry taking place in New York City in August. Join DigitalOcean’s own Frédéric Harper to learn more about the intersections of mental health and tech and how to advocate for more mental health awareness at work.

Anxiety Tech Panel

Frontend developer Ananya Neogi recently highlighted some of the amazing things that pure HTML can do. Learn more about the unsung markup language by following along:

Happy hacking, and see you all next week!

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