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Best Python Project Ideas - Infographics

This article was originally published on HolyCoders: Best Python project ideas Infographics.

Infographics: Best Python project ideas

Best Python project ideas

Description of all Python Project ideas

Website blocker

This is a great project idea for those who want to be focused at a specific time.

There are several websites which distract us from our work and affect productivity. This script may be very useful in such situations.

This script will block specific websites for a certain amount of time.

It will be helpful to concentrate on our work.

Hint: You need to edit the operating systems host file with Python. It is quite easy but you need to learn how it works.

This is a great source of learning for new developers.

Youtube downloader

It may not be legal to download youtube videos. But still, we can create a simple GUI based software only for learning purpose.

The software needs to take a URL input of the video and download it locally.

There are several packages to download youtube videos in Python, here is a popular one.

You may add some additional features like playlist download and video to mp3 download, it depends on your creativity and knowledge.

You can consider PyQt for GUI because it is modern as compared to Tkinter. Documentation may be a downside of PyQT.

Email Reader

A simple email reader script which fetches email updates.

It will be very helpful to check your emails directly from the terminal.

Here is a tutorial to do the same.

Web Scraper

Web scrapers are quite popular these days to extract data from any website for analysis and data visualisation.

You can create simple web scrapper that fetch all useful data from any website and save it in any readable document format.

These data are very useful in data analysis on certain topics.

There are various libraries like BeautifulSoup, Scrapy and Selenium that will do the task.

Dictionary Software

We often need to find the meaning of the words, dictionary software will be very useful for this.

A simple dictionary software (prefer GUI) which takes a word as input and display its meaning.

You can also add many other features such as idioms, synonyms, antonyms, related words.

Here are the data files which you will need as a data source.

Music Player

PyQt is very useful in making good looking GUI in Python. A simple music player with basic controls but excellent GUI will make the software a popular one.

There are various operating systems which still lacks a good music player.

You can create a simple music player with basic features which we often require like play, pause, skip, next/previous, seek. Some other features like volume control and customizations may be hard to implement but you will learn many new things.

You can take inspiration from online audio players and Android song players for beautiful GUI.


The list will be empty without a chatbot in the Python side project list.

They are in high demand right now, several companies use chatbots for general customer support.

You can use existing chatbots API’s to build a chatbot. Here are some free API’s to build a chatbot easily.

You will need to have deep knowledge of Machine learning and Artificial intelligence to create your chatbot from scratch.

URL Shortener

This is the all-time popular side project idea for the web application. It is easy to create one using the Django framework of Python.

URL shorteners can be an interesting side project idea with Python.

You just need to create a simple web app which takes user input of any URL and shortens it by replacing the log URL in some unique code.

URL shorteners are very useful for purposes like monetizing outgoing traffic and advanced user analytics.

Desktop Wallpaper Manager

A software that manages desktop wallpaper.

Most operating systems have inbuilt wallpapers which becomes boring to use after a certain time.

You can create a software in Python which gets stunning backgrounds from API’s like Pixabay and Pexels and set it desktop wallpaper.

It will be a popular application if you manage to create a good looking software with useful features.

Text editor

There are good text editors in every operating system so it may not very useful for real use.

But, it is one of the best side project ideas in Python GUI.

You can create a basic text editor with basic features like open, delete, save, edit, undo, redo and others which you see fit.

You will learn advanced concepts of Python GUI and data structures and algorithms.

Clipboard Manager

We all need to access the data stored in clipboard but it is often hard to get old data from the clipboard.

A simple script that runs in background and stores the historic data of clipboard will be very useful.

You can either store the data in some file or bind some keys to use the data.

This is the project I am currently working, and it has a lot to learn.

If you want to create something more useful, you can also create a GUI based software using PyQT or Tkinter to manage the same.

Face and Emotion detector

Face and Emotion detection is both a basic level and advanced level project idea in Python. It depends upon the accuracy and other features that you implement.

An application that detects face and emotion will be a good side project to practice and implement Machine learning knowledge.


These were some of the best side project ideas in Python.

There are hundreds of other project ideas in Python and all of them are interesting. There is no limit on the number of projects you can do with Python.

Python is used everywhere from desktop to web applications. The only limit is your creativity.

At last, I will only suggest you that instead on cloning and copying already existing products you need to try something different.

Most of the project ideas in this list are unique.

You can also clone ideas if you think there is something more to learn, it is totally fine. But being different makes you stand apart of the crowd.

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