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26 Ideas For Your First Product

So you have decided to build your own product and upskill but what are you actually gonna build? Well, that's really not a problem. You are not supposed to come up with some revolutionary idea. You just need to develop something that adds value. It could be anything. A video course, an audiobook, an ebook, an instagram page, web app, website, blog, anything.

Some things to keep in mind before picking something to work on.

  1. Try to build something with context to the current time or situation. As of this articles, corona virus is spreading all around. If your product is anyway can help spread awareness about it or give some solution, it would be the amazing.
  2. Don't reject some idea if the problem it solves is a small or very very small one. You need not build the next social platform. You have to do something which add value, that's it.
  3. Make something usable. If it's an ebook, publish it. Website, deploy it. Sketch, post it. Video, upload it.

If you are a designer, developer, sales person, marketer, finance beginner, below are 26 ideas you can build and launch as your first real product.

For Designer :-

  1. Clone UI of popular websites and post them on a website.
  2. An instagram page to showcase your art.
  3. A website where you different UI components.
  4. An ebook which shows the latest design trends.
  5. A youtube channel where you upload timelapse of your design process.
  6. A blog, where you bring guests to give some design inspiration.
  7. Collab with a developer and build a social platform for designers.
  8. Make an animation of washing hands.

For Marketer :-

  1. Get big name in marketing industry to share some writings weekly. Make a blog and collect emails.
  2. A telegram group to let people collaborate and learn marketing.
  3. There are very less marketing podcasts. Make one.
  4. Share "marketing stories" on a blog.
  5. Ebook about consumer mindset.
  6. Share the insights about the current marketing strategy of these big companies. Make a blog.

For Developer :-

  1. Build a forum for dev Q/A.
  2. Build a website to spread awareness about corona virus, get some bacteria falling on the home page and animations.
  3. Use Google Ads API and other such APIs for making an ads marketplace.
  4. Make a coded blog for your technical writings.
  5. Make an environmental factors monitor using APIs.
  6. Find what's happening in space using NASA's API.
  7. Use GOVT API to make a food price app.

For Finance :-

  1. First and foremost, start writing a blog about your finance journey.
  2. Make series of articles explaining your story and guiding others with it.
  3. Publish a financial planning sheet.
  4. Make a poster to sick on desk for financial goals. Make it downloadable on your website.
  5. Write an ebook to share ways beginners can start investing, according to you.

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Megha Pathak

For Marketers -

Case studies on the marketing changes/problems/solutions in trend works well.

For Developers -

Finding Open Source Products/Projects and contributing in them gives a very good outlook about the industry practices.