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Use in your Angular applications

I love TailwindCSS and, when I use it I need icons, then usually I use Fontawesome, it is a common option, or I use free opensource icons from some platforms, but you need to create your own collection. But there is a great option recommended and made by the TailwindCSS makers and designed by @steveschoger, this is with around 226 Icons in SVG. Each icon, you can copy and paste the SVG and use it but is not a maintainable way.

So I create an Angular icon library, based in to use un my application easily but at the same time, for fun and share my utilities to the community.

Take a look this playground:

How to use

First, install the dependency with npm or yarn.

$ yarn add @dimaslz/ng-heroicons
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Now, add the module to the module where you want to use, commonly in the app.module.ts to can use around all application.

// app.module.ts
import { NgHeroiconsModule } from "@dimaslz/ng-heroicons";
// ...

  declarations: [AppComponent],
  imports: [BrowserModule, NgHeroiconsModule],
  providers: [],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {}

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then, use any icons with the following syntax: Outline icons with the suffix -outline-icon and -solid-icon for solid ones.

<!-- outline example -->

<!-- solid example -->
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Multiple examples

<!-- outline with stroke 1 and color pink -->
<thumb-up-outline-icon stroke="1" color="pink"></thumb-up-outline-icon>

<!-- solid with color purple -->
<thumb-up-solid-icon color="purple"></thumb-up-solid-icon>

<!-- ... with size 36 -->
<thumb-up-solid-icon ... size="36"></thumb-up-solid-icon>

<!-- ... with style  -->
<thumb-up-solid-icon ... style="color: green;"></thumb-up-solid-icon>

<!-- ... with tailwind class  -->
<thumb-up-solid-icon ... class="text-blue-400"></thumb-up-solid-icon>
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And, all parameters, style, class, color, stroke, and style are reactive, so, you can change the option in realtime by models.

Play with this in

Feel free to join the repository in Github, and, that's it, I hope you find it helpful :), feedback is welcome.


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