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Yes, you can still find junior level positions, try searching in Stack Overflow (there are tons of job listing sites - try to Google them):

My advice if you're still in junior-level is to have many personal projects as you can! regardless if it will be client or personal projects (everyone portfolio counts even it is small).

Don't worry on the years of experience you have earned and most employers will accept junior level who's willing to learn.

Every after interview, DON'T ask if you're hired because it means you are VERY desperate and they don't want those kind of people. Instead, always have plan B by applying for other companies until someone tells you that you are hired!


Junior or what actually depens, but if this was your first job I prefer not to do it remotely, office can be a great resource to interact with people and gain some skills.

Since you asking "can I?" Yes you can.

  1. Ask for remote on interview process, some company not telling you they had remote capabilities.

  2. Go freelancing / make some hobby projects for your portofolio, so they believe you can work remotely.

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